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V8+ Energy

As someone who neither prostrates themselves in front of the coffee altar nor enjoys the high-octane palpitations of the typical guarana and taurine favorites, it can be difficult to shake the haze of a late night or wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Monday morning.  Lucky for me V8 has come out with a new range of natural energy drinks!

Powered by the potent caffeine of young green tea leaves and flavored by a range of tasty fruit blends (and the classic veggie blend, obvi), V8+ Energy drinks are an easy, healthy, and enjoyable way to put a little pep in your step while giving your body the vitamins it craves. With over ten flavors in a variety of sparkling, diet, and original recipes, it’s safe to say there is a flavor for everyone. Currently my go-to flavors are strawberry banana and peach mango, although I have my eye on the sparkling white grape raspberry flavor. You can find the entire list of flavors and varieties on the V8 website.

Despite weighing in at a light 8 ounces per can, these little babies pack 80 grams of caffeine per serving. That’s the almost the same as a cup of straight black coffee! Don’t believe me? See how it measures up to your go-to’s on the side of the can.

Now that your body has an extra oomph to get going, it can start pumping in your 10% of daily vitamin C, 50% Vitamin B12, and 25% Vitamin B6. [Percentages and vitamins vary by flavor].

You might think it’s impossible to get your fix of caffeine from a drink that is delicious and refreshing, but V8 has laid that myth to rest. As soon as you take your first sip you’ll get a burst of ice cold, sweet, fruit that finishes without a sad aftertaste. No bitter coffee beans, no coffee breath, and no noxious fumes from your typical energy drink.

Crack open a can and take the day by storm: because, duh, “you shoulda had a V8!”

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