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Self-care isn't selfish

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted, and not for lack of inspiration. I actually have multiple things written – written, not typed – but even before the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak life was just feeling a bit off.

I was pouring out so much of myself constantly without letting myself replenish my energy first.

So anytime I started thinking “Why didn’t I post/why aren’t I posting to my blog in my downtime today?” I stopped myself.

S and I did not create this blog to be a second (or third) job. And even now that it’s only me managing it, I won’t feel bad for not posting as regularly.

For those of you who know me or have been really paying attention when I write about health-related things, you know I have an auto-immune, auto-inflammatory disease called hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). I’ve had it since I was about 13 and was officially diagnosed in high school. It’s fairly rare and not very well-known, but the most notable thing about it are the large boil-like cysts it causes in those who have it. Since puberty I’ve suffered from these “flares,” which range from being small, manageable and annoying to large, cumbersome and extremely painful.

Besides being kind of gross (I’m allowed to say it – you’re not), HS can also make you feel fatigued because your body is fighting itself and/or infection and for many people I’ve spoken to that have it different foods affect their flares and how they feel.

Fortunately, I am not particularly triggered by any one type of food but taking care of your gut when you live with HS is always important.

So, in the past few months, after dealing with a particularly bad flare, I’ve focused more of my energy on just feeling better in general. Though no one type of food really triggers my flares, I’ve noticed I have a better chance at keeping them at bay and feel better (as most normal people do) when I eat less gluten and things with a high sugar content.

Like with any successful weight loss plan, I knew completely restricting myself from those things wouldn’t go well, so I still occasionally eat gluten-full homemade pizza or use regular flour when baking cookies, but for the most part I stay away from the stuff. As for sugary stuff, I’ve always craved salty more than sweet so, ehh. I get my sweet from honey or coconut mainly.

Aside from cutting things out of my diet, I’ve also just been trying to be more intentional about how I treat myself. As the “mom friend” I am, it’s easy for me to buck up and get motivated to cook or bake or drive a few hours for a loved one. But not always easy to feel that motivation to do something for myself.

I’m less likely to cook a full meal for myself than I am for a friend or Merlin, because I often don’t feel it’s worth it. But lately I’ve been working against that mentality in the name of mental and physical health.

And my gut thanks me.

Fortunately, this hiatus has me feeling more motivated to work on Millennial Pink, so you should start seeing content more regularly now. Stay tuned!

xo B

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