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Millennial Pink Reimagined

If you haven’t already, you will soon, learn that S and I are a bit perfectionistic. It baffles my mother and also makes passion projects like embarking on a new website a very interesting, sometimes-daunting, and laborious process.

When we launched Millennial Pink in October we were determined to get it out there and gave ourselves the deadline of our friendaversary (October 11) as a push to make us actualize this idea we’d been mulling over in some way since January of 2015. Then, for months after we independently found we didn’t absolutely love the look of the joint endeavor we’d strived for so long to contrive. We of course didn’t voice these judgements to each other. No. We just individually seethed when confronted with the homepage, thinking “does this layout even make sense?” and “this doesn’t really look all that professional” and “IT’S JUST SO PINK!” until we finally both caved over Skype one day and had the whole “It’s not you, it’s the template” conversation and immediately planned a future redesign Skype session to totally teardown and rebuild the look of Millennial Pink.

It can be both extremely rewarding to work with your best friend and mildly tense when a difference in opinion should arise. So when we finally came clean about the Pepto Bismol grand opening debacle, a weight was lifted and our creative productivity restored. Ideas were overflowing from our minds, words exploding through our fingertips, and agendas overtaking our Google Drive. B and I knew we had to jump at the next open weekend if we were going to get this done.

This weekend, after an unexpectedly productive Skype session last Sunday, S drove down to Millennial Pink HQ (my second bedroom/office) and after an evening of Chinese food and comedy (“Ocean’s 8” and “Tag”) we set out with our revamp agenda.

Saturday was dedicated to taking portraits that weren’t about 3-5 years old and more congruous aesthetically for the site. S got a lesson in how to shoot portraits since it’s still a tad difficult to take good  photos of myself that don’t look like selfies, and I figured it would be easier to teach a young Sagittarius new tricks than use my ancient tripod. And she actually got a few usable photos. I’m so proud.

While B struggled to teach me about angles, we did get to explore some of the local parks and enjoy some of the quality time that made us want to start this blog in the first place.

So besides photos of our current lovely selves, here’s what’s changed:

The home page is (hopefully) more visitor-friendly with more direction and a cleaner look

THERE’S A NEW PAGE! S and I will be posting reviews of products and services we have come to know and love. Be on the lookout for a review of the spa we went to after our photo shoot on the new Pink Approved page.

The page designs are more uniform. Though S and I are very different, Millennial Pink is a joint venture and the redesign reflects both of us, so aside from layout or minor details, our individual pages will look more cohesive.

Throughout the next few months we will be unveiling more smaller changes and additions, including content for the Pink Approved page and some new media features, so stay tuned. And I will be posting more regularly again. Between an influx in evening meetings for my day job and the redesign, I’ve been a bit of a Bright Ideas truant lately. Be on the lookout though for a post about DIY-ing Galentine’s for the upcoming week.

After about 9 hours of editing, writing, and website building (including a full transfer of all our MP hits), we are ready to unveil the new and infinitely improved Millennial Pink Online. Since we are able to shift our focus back to creating content for you lovely readers, you can expect more pieces on Olympic Observer and Blonde Bond. While this project has been a real rollercoaster, we’ve learned a lot about what makes our brand, what we stand for, and the experience we envision for our readers.

Thank to our readers who have read our content, sent us positive messages, and kept up with us on social media. We hope that you’ll feel confident using the new site and enjoy all MP and the Pink Ink ladies have to offer in future.  

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