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Photo by Radim Schreiber

Every moment I spend with you is an act of love that's slowly ripping me apart at the seams.

With every stitch I become more vulnerable.

Our circumstances fall away until what I want most ...

What I would fight for most ...

Is laid bare.

You hand wove the cocoon I escape to, out of love lost and disappointment and fear ... And sorrow.

I worry every day I'll emerge a butterfly, more beautiful than the one I was before, only to be proven a moth recklessly and unrequitedly in love with the reflection of a flame. That you singe my wings and I am left looking the same but feeling empty ... Again.

What is more fool-hearted than a moth pining for the fire that kills it?

The girl who loves a boy who is the shadow of the man that once loved her.

So now I pray to take on a new form.

A Firefly.

For they can hold the fire within them to light their path forward and never get burned.

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