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Curves Ahead: Promoting self love rather than apologizing for breaking the mold

In high school, I think we all have this rather half-baked idea of what being an adult is like. We recognize some of the associated responsibilities, we hopefully anticipate the freedom that adulthood brings and as for the real stuff — we kind of take is as it comes.

For me, one of the largest signs that I’ve entered adulthood is really my own image of myself, or rather the image of myself I was able to rebuild and maintain after severe heartache.

Younger me was so negative about every curve and difference of my body. I thought I needed to change to be with someone – for someone to love me. As terribly as my last relationship ended, it did teach me that what I’d formerly thought so vehemently was wrong.

But, all the credit for how I feel about myself now is truly my own.

It’s interesting how over the last few months, even with a lot of factors seemingly working against me, I’ve built off of my confidence in my personality a sense of confidence in my physical appearance.

Sure, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I also don’t care. I’m not a size 2, and I have my scars, but I’m also still healthy and still beautiful in my own right. Plus, I can rock a red dress, just saying. You should be so lucky to experience that in-person.

(A few men, rightfully, have recognized this.)

Even still, over the last few months of independent bliss, I’ve lost about 30 pounds. And not even because I’ve been really trying to, just because I’m back to being more … me.

Sure, I’d like to be fitter than I currently am, and I know I will be. I use this photo of myself from when I was a junior in college as a goal. But I also don’t find fault with how I am now. I consider myself a work in progress.

You can be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time.

This all said, here at Millennial Pink, we aim to not only create an outlet for ourselves to express positive and empowering thoughts, but we hope to create an outlet for other women. So, this month, we’re launching Pink Ink, a page where some of our great friends can contribute their thoughts monthly. In November, you’ll get to meet all of the women already signed up to write for Pink Ink through our #NoShameNovember campaign.

Look for that page come November 25, complete with a post from my good childhood friend, Samantha.

xo B

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