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Millennial Pink History

Millennial Pink is a collective of writers blogging about everything from societal trends to personal experiences. The site was formed in October 2018 by Brittany and Shyann as a creative outlet from their busy desk jobs as a full-time journalist and a full-time receptionist. 


B and S, as they go by in their blogs, met while in college. They quickly became partners in everything from late-night shenanigans to panic attacks. B describes them as being “bonded by a mutual love for our BFF Kim, Wayne Brady and Hawaiian pizza.” After spending many a delirious late night together laughing, crying, and musing on all things existential, we decided to share our favorite memories, best advice, life stories, world travels [fingers crossed], and random ideas with you lovely readers.


In the short time Millennial Pink has been online, it has become a source of entertainment but also solace for those looking for information, a fun read or even a story to relate to. We hope it only grows to help or even just entertain more and more people. 

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